Wednesday, July 1, 2009

optimistic cynic

there is this tension inside of me, part of me is this undeniable optimist, who always tries to see the best in situations and people and has this general feel (and i say feel because it really is a feeling, a perception) that the future is good, will be good, also residing within is this critic, this cynic who sees things and gets discouraged

so this whole idea of changing the world, gets me really excited, and really discouraged, usually i'm somewhere in between, but somedays i can really taste it, i can see it, it's so tangible, and other days, like today, it just feels so, so far away

so i'm not really sure what i'm trying to say, other than today i just don't feel it, maybe because it's cloudy (even though usually my affinity for cloudiness boosts my spirits)

i hope tomorrow shines a little brighter (though not necessarily literally)

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