Wednesday, July 29, 2009

almost there...

so it's been a little while since my last entry, there is less than a week left of my internship here at fh, and that is sort of crazy, it has totally flown by, the summer has flown by with it, and sooner than i can finish this, i'll be back in school (which i'm not entirely sure how i feel about, but it is what it is)

being at fh has been great and i'll write another entry next week with some closing thoughts

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

harry potter and other related things

harry potter #6 comes out tonight at midnight, i've spent the last few days watching the previous five and just recalling how epic of a story it is

my cousin gave me this book last christmas, maybe two christmases ago called "epic" by john eldridge (the guy who wrote wild at heart and captivating), the basic idea is that everything we love about story we love because it's a part of our story, that is the greater story, that is the big picture narrative told in the bible

and so watching harry potter reminds me of this epic tale we find ourselves in, good and evil, light and dark, death and life, the fall and redemption, but i wish it were more tangible, our fight that is

sometimes i just wish we could actually go out and physically pull out our lightsabers and have this epic duel with evil, with darkness, with satan, with whatever

but maybe that is why our fight is more epic? it's subtle, it's underneath, it's invisible (yet so visible if we look) maybe that's just a tool of the enemy to make me think it's not visible or not to tangible to somehow minimize the gravity of my fight, our fight

there has also been an interesting theme pervading my life lately, truth, i've been watching the truth project with a few friends and we had a speaker in church our sunday speak to many of the same issues, what is truth? how is it under attack?

and i can see darkness creeping in through this lens, granted it's always been there, our culture was fallen from the start, but maybe this epic, tangible fight isn't as far away as i thought

i just pray that i'm ready, we're ready, because now is the time to fight, even on the smallest of scales

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

optimistic cynic

there is this tension inside of me, part of me is this undeniable optimist, who always tries to see the best in situations and people and has this general feel (and i say feel because it really is a feeling, a perception) that the future is good, will be good, also residing within is this critic, this cynic who sees things and gets discouraged

so this whole idea of changing the world, gets me really excited, and really discouraged, usually i'm somewhere in between, but somedays i can really taste it, i can see it, it's so tangible, and other days, like today, it just feels so, so far away

so i'm not really sure what i'm trying to say, other than today i just don't feel it, maybe because it's cloudy (even though usually my affinity for cloudiness boosts my spirits)

i hope tomorrow shines a little brighter (though not necessarily literally)